Editorial Board

PURE Insights is supported by the PURE Executive Committee.

The PURE Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year to support the mission of the program. Executive members are approved by a majority vote and serve a three-year period with the option to request service for a second three-year term. The committee sets strategic directions and program priorities for PURE; reviews and analyzes progress; modifies annual plans, as necessary; and works together to coordinate and present WOU's annual Academic Excellence Showcase each spring.

Members of the Executive Committee

Maren Anderson: Board member/PURE Insights Managing Editor (1/20); English Studies faculty

Xiaopeng Gong:PURE Director Board member; education and leadership faculty

Feier Hou: Board member; chemistry faculty

Gavin Keulks: Board member; honors program director

Rebecca McCannell: Board member; art faculty

Megan Patton-Lopez: Board member; Health & Exercise Science faculty

Andrea Emerson: Board member; education & leadership faculty

Joshua Schulze, Ed.D: Board member; Education & Leadership faculty

Melissa Cannon: Board member; Gerontology faculty

Gareth Hopkins: Board member; Biology faculty

Lindsey Cochran: Board member; TRI project specialist