Volume 12 (2023)

You may have noticed that this issue of PURE Insights three months earlier than our usual publication date of late December. That’s because PURE Insights is making some changes, which led to this mid-cycle mini-issue. 

We’ve changed our submission and publication schedule to better fit realistic expectations of when our reviewers can spend time reading our submissions. We’ve determined that a new publication date in April works best. Our first new full issue on this date is scheduled for publication in April 2024.

We’ve also realized that rolling submissions works best for students, so they can submit their best work when it’s ready, not when the submission date happens to fall. Our new submission dates are: 

  • April 1
  • July 1
  • November 15

The last submission date for the April 2024 issue is Nov 15, 2023

When we decided to change over to this new schedule, it left no publications for 2023. Eighteen months between publications was not ideal, so we decided to make a mini-issue. We took papers that had not been reviewed in time for 2022 and re-reviewed and edited them, just as we would for a normal issue. I’m pretty proud of these papers, too.   

Another change that you might notice is that the college has moved away from our old hosting platform. We have created a new submission form and have adopted a new managing and hosting platform. Authors and reviewers may notice some changes, but we’re hoping the new system is more intuitive and easier for you to use. 

This issue contains prize-winning poems and fascinating papers on Mexican history and mathematics. These students worked hard on their projects and one can see the energy and intelligence in each piece. We also want to thank the cover artist, Carrie Halladey for her piece "Allow Defect.”

I hope you enjoy this insightful issue.

Maren Bradley Anderson 
Managing Editor
PURE Insights



Maren Bradley Anderson


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Scott Beaver

Joshua Schulze 

Michael Ward 

Editorial Support Staff

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