Volume 5 (2016)

I didn't have a theme in mind when the call for papers for this issue went out, but as submissions came in, I was pleasantly surprised find that one emerged anyway. Each piece in this issue examines some aspect of finding direction. Articles include explorations of how fruit flies find their way, how recovering addicts paths led them to and from drug addiction, where prehistoric civilizations sought resources to survive, and, finally, walk us through the nuances of rhetoric. Jen Bracy's amazing cover art is the perfect lead into this issue, with its images evoking thoughts of journeys, discoveries, and adventure.

Each year I am amazed by the quality of submissions we receive. This is due entirely to the hard work of the students and faculty who authored, reviewed, and sponsored these pieces. Thank you to all of you for your amazing work. I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as I have.

Camila Gabaldon, Managing Editor, PURE Insights

Cover Volume 5


Managing Editor
Camila Gabaldon

Section Editors

Behavioral Sciences
Debi Brannan
Jaime Cloud
Creative Arts
Diane Tarter
Marie LeJeune
Health and Exercise Science
Brian Caster
Elizabeth Brookbank
Natural Sciences
Ava Howard
Social Sciences
Isidore Lobnibe