Volume 6 (2017)

I am proud to finally bring you the latest issue of PURE Insights. You may have noticed that we are switching to a new publication schedule which, we hope, will allow for more interaction between the student submitters and editors during the WOU academic year. This issue has required patience and perseverance on the part of our editors, faculty sponsors, and, most of all, our authors, but in the end, it is worth the wait. Through new research and pieces exploring societal, professional, and personal identity, this issue touches on issues of choice.

Makena Harris’ amazing cover art simultaneously evokes strength and softness, reminding us that they both have a role in propelling us forward. Speaking of propelling us forward, PURE Insights has exciting news. I have served as managing editor at PURE Insights since the very first issue and have been honored and thrilled to watch the publication grow from an idea to reality. This will, though, be my last issue as managing editor. I’m so excited for the future, as Dr. Paula Baldwin brings a fresh enthusiasm to the publication and I am sure it will thrive under her direction. Serving in this capacity has truly been a privilege and I look forward to seeing the future directions PURE Insights takes.

Camila Gabaldon, Managing Editor, PURE Insights

Cover Volume 6


Managing Editor
Camila Gabaldon

Section Editors

Creative Arts
Diane Tarter, Art
Deaf Studies
Elisa Maroney, Interpreting Studies
Marie LeJeune, Education & Leadership
Exercise Science
Brian Caster, Health & Exercise Science
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Mike Baltzley, Biology
Social Sciences
Robin Smith, Anthropology


Jonathan Jones
Adele Schepige