Volume 7 (2018)

When pulling together a project like our PURE Insights undergraduate journal, the saying, “it takes a village,” is never more apt. Issue 7 is a PURE (pardon the pun) labor of love, from the authors, the faculty sponsors, the editors, the reviewers, and to the editorial staff. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone involved. We would like to particularly recognize our reviewers as the reviews they have done, to a one, have been thoughtful, in-depth, and on point for the authors. The authors, in turn, have demonstrated their commitment to their papers by really digging in and taking the reviews to heart in their revisions. The result of this amazing collaboration between the authors and the reviewers is some truly outstanding articles and we are thrilled to share them with you.

We would like to acknowledge the work of our previous Managing Editor, Camila Gabaldon, who had the expertise needed to pull each of our six previous issues together. It is a tribute to her tenacity and commitment that PURE Insights continues today, and we are thankful.

Issue 7 has a little something for everyone. Our offerings in this issue come from Communication, the Natural Sciences, Gerontology, Anthropology, English, and Spanish. We have a couple firsts in this issue: our Spanish article, by Robin Perkins, is the first ever Spanish paper published in PURE Insights and we couldn’t be prouder. And for the first time ever, we are including two of the Peter Sears Poetry Prize winners. Last, but not least, our intriguing cover design comes from our talented WOU 2018 graduate, Huang Zhiying, now a graduate student at the prestigious Pratt Institute’s School of Design in New York. Clearly, WOUvians rock! Enjoy!

Dr. Paula K. Baldwin, Managing Editor, PURE Insights

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Managing Editor

Dr. Paula K. Baldwin

Editorial Support Staff

Stewart Baker
Scott Carter
Sue Kunda

Editors and/or Internal Reviewers

Art and Design
Jen Bracy, MFA
Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Melissa Cannon
Dr. Brent King
Communication Studies
Dr. Dana Schowalter
Criminal Justice
Dr. Miyuki Vamadevan Arimoto
Dr. Misty Weitzel
English Studies
Dr. Henry Hughes
Modern Languages
Dr. Kathleen Connolly
Dr. Patricia Gimenez
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Dr. Mike Baltzley, Biology
Dr. Bryan Dutton, Biology
Social Sciences
Dr. Katherine Miller, Anthropology
Dr. Robin Smith, Anthropology

External Reviewers

Dr. Susannah Bannon
Dr. Emma Dutton
Dr. Melinda Weathers