WOU Community Health + Polk County COVID-19 Project: Contact Tracing Efforts


WOU Community Health + Polk County COVID-19 Project: Contact Tracing Efforts
Queenie Love Agbayani
Sarah Meyer
Maddie Dirren
Jenny Leon-Perez
Emily Vala-Haynes
Megan Patton-Lopez
27 May 2021
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<p>The Western Oregon University (WOU) Community Health + Polk County COVID-19 Project is a partnership between WOU and Polk County Public Health Services that provides contact tracing and outreach efforts to Polk County, OR. Contact tracing is the process of notifying individuals of their exposure to COVID-19, encouraging them to get tested, self-quarantine, and monitor for signs and symptoms during their 14-day quarantine period. Contact tracing has been used in public health since the 1920s; it is an important strategy to limit the spread of communicable disease and connect affected populations with resources that promote well-being. Since September 1, 2020, our team of WOU Community Health majors has monitored 4,084 individuals. Our current team consists of 11 contact tracers, of which 7 are bilingual in Spanish. In total, 23 students have been part of the team since the inception of the program. This poster will review the process and importance of contact tracing in Polk County, while also reflecting on students' professional development.</p>
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Emily Vala-Haynes, Megan Patton-Lopez