About this Repository

WOU's repository holds student and faculty scholarly and creative works, as well as unique archival materials related to the history of the university and the region. Hamersly Library provides open access to these materials and promotes the collaboration, ongoing development, and discovery of knowledge.

Contact Us

Please contact Stewart Baker (bakersc@wou.edu) with questions or comments.

Benefits of Institutional Repositories

  • Universal access. Everything in the repository is freely available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. There are no toll-based subscription walls blocking access to your work.
  • More exposure. The repository makes your work freely available to anyone who may be interested, which in turn, can improve the impact of your work..
  • Easier information discovery. Your work is full-text searchable, making it discoverable through Google, Google Scholar, other large search engines and library search tools.
  • Persistent access. You’ll receive a persistent URL for your work that won’t break or disappear. You can paste this URL into any document, resume, vita or webpage.
  • Long-term preservation. Hamersly Library is committed to maintaining and preserving an item’s file(s) and associated metadata.
  • New computational research technologies. The repository can take advantage of new computational research technologies to provide additional functionality, such as text mining and data linking.
  • Highlight research. The repository provides a showcase for your department’s research and scholarship. You can use your community’s collections to attract scholars, researchers and funding.
  • Create a corpus of WOU research and scholarship. The repository captures the intellectual capital of Western Oregon University in one place.

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