Wolf Ride Overdrive


Wolf Ride Overdrive
Cory Freitag
Adrian Mattoon
Philip Schmaltz
28 May 2020
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<p>We are Dev Team 4 of the Information Systems division of Computer Science and our Project is Wolf Ride Overdrive. Wolf Ride is a way for students of Western Oregon University to request the service of a ride to any destination inside of Monmouth and Independence. It was created as a way for students who wouldn’t feel comfortable at night to be able to request a ride service that Western Oregon University operates. The current service of requesting a ride requires making a phone call to a number associated with the Service, our project sought to create a new way to be able for students of all needs to be able to request this service besides the use of a phone. Wolf Ride Overdrive was born from this Idea that all students of all needs should be able to access the Wolf Ride service.</p>
<p>Wolf Ride Overdrive can allow all students a new way of requesting the Wolf Ride service. We have done this by creating an online service for requesting a ride from Wolf Ride. Wolf RIde Overdrive can have students create an account where they can input their contact information, email and phone number, as well as their home address. With their account created and information stored Students can use the Wolf Ride Overdrive site to request a ride. Wolf Ride Overdrive can offer students the option of visiting predetermined locations to visit such as Hamersly Library, Werner University Center, as well as the neighboring grocery stores in the town. This provides them quick access to anywhere they would like to get to or be picked up from. Wolf Ride Overdrive can also be used to store the students home address for fast selection by the students. Should the students like to go somewhere beside the predetermined locations then they simply need to select the custom options on Wolf Ride Overdrive and the system can take in these requests instead. Once the ride has been requested Wolf Ride Overdrive can quickly notify the student by email that their ride was successfully submitted and that Wolf Ride will be there shortly to take them to their destination. Wolf Ride Overdrive can also send an email to the driver on duty informing them of who is requesting the ride and where they will want to be picked up from and where they would like to go. Wolf Ride Overdrive can also store all the information about the use of the Wolf Ride so that later a deep dive can be done on the usage of the Wolf Ride system. Wolf Ride Overdrive was created to bring all the Wolf Ride services and system under one location to allow for automated delivery of ride requests as well as storage of the use of the system without requiring a physical tracking system so information can be sorted and gone through quicker for analytics of the Wolf Ride system.</p>
<p>This presentation was delivered on May 28, 2020 at Western Oregon University Academic Excellence Showcase (Monmouth, OR).</p>
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