Glorious Enhancements


Glorious Enhancements
April DeSantis
Yixuan Shi
Jolaade Nwanze
28 May 2020
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<p>Project Vision:</p>
<p>To provide flexible and accessible software solutions to enhance online shopping experience within the shortest lead time.</p>
<p>Introduction: Former Nike executive Alisia Ford has launched <a href="">Glory Facial</a>, a skincare company for women of color. The company launched Feb. 14. For now, Glory Facial's sales are exclusively online. Ford hopes to open a Portland popup store this year. She'd also like to open popups in Seattle and Los Angeles in order to deepen the company's relationships with consumers.</p>
<p>Purpose Statement:</p>
<p>Glorious Enhancement’s purpose is to improve response time between when a customer completes the initial skincare survey on the website and the “You’re skincare routine is here” response email, and ultimately finalizing the sale.</p>
<p>Problem Statement:</p>
<p><a href="">Glory Facial</a> manually processes its orders and this results in delayed and late order processing and ultimately accumulated lead time. Glorious Enhancements solution integrates the different infrastructures used in order processing and delivery to drive efficiency and ultimately a great users’ experience.</p>
<p>Business Needs:</p>
<p>Glorious Enhancements’ solution enables the employees/owners of Glory facial to generate product recommendations with the aid of automated processes for both their surveys (individual products and skincare boxes) and product recommendations after customers answer a series of questions on the company's website.</p>
<p>Product Overview:</p>
<p>Glorious Enhancements accesses customer information, and make product recommendations within a matter of minutes, with the help of current existing affordable software solutions.</p>
<p>Major Features:</p>
<p>Glorious Enhancements integrating to the customer information database with the product database.</p>
<p>Employee, Customers, CEO, Customer support representative, Skincare consultant</p>
<p>Budgetary Details:</p>
<p>Find quick and easy solutions at a low affordable cost.</p>
<p>This presentation was delivered on May 28, 2020 at Western Oregon University Academic Excellence Showcase (Monmouth, OR).</p>
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