An art talk in a painting studio


An art talk in a painting studio
Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni
Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon
Western Oregon University
A transman in head and shoulders, right profile speaks animatedly. In front of him, on our right, is an incomplete work of art; behind him, on our left, a woman looks on. He has light skin tone, close-cropped brown hair and scruffy beard and mustache; he wears a dark gray work shirt, a large, round, black earring, a triple band earcuff, and a blue wooden pencil tucked behind his ear. His mouth partially open, he looks slightly downward to a person outside the frame of the photo, and we see just his thumbs and adjacent fingers gesturing and holding a blurred palette knife. The woman, from behind his left shoulder, looks at the same person with a closed-mouth smile. She has medium skin tone and dark brown hair pulled back; she wears a black scoop-neck t-shirt and a gold hoop earring. On the right, we see a portion of two images mounted vertically on a black panel with blue tape. They have an identical composition: a sphere upon a cube upon a plane surface. Lines and shadows provide three-dimensionality. The top image is grayscale, and the bottom image is orange.
An artist discusses his painting with classmates.
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A transmale student presents his art in a painting studio, and a female student looks on.
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transmen; women; Irish; Native Hawaiian; Eastern European; Filipino/a; Japanese; age:41; age:21; scars; tattoos; jewelry; average build; petite, short; beards; short hair; brown hair; natural hair; brown eyes; art; art studio