Concentrating in a computer lab


Concentrating in a computer lab
Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni
Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon
Western Oregon University
A man sits in right profile and looks intently at a tabletop monitor; several more computer stations extend to his left in a sunny, bright room. He has medium skin tone, and his black dreadlocks include shades of green and red. He wears a black sweatshirt with a gold chain, and sunglasses hang from the neckline. His right wrist rests on the table and fingers at the middle of the keyboard. His left hand loosely covers his mouth, the elbow resting on the table; a tattoo is partly visible at his wrist. Further away from us, a table with two monitors and keyboards is unoccupied, and two people occupy the furthest table and computer stations. One has light-red hair and a light-blue hoodie; the other has medium skin tone, black hair, and a coral shirt.
A man concentrates on his monitor in a computer lab.
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A male student looks intently at a desktop monitor, keys with one hand and holds his chin with the other.
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men; women; African American; Western European; Mexican; age:19; age:25; tattoos; low vision; skinny build; tall; dreadlocks; dyed hair; deaf; large build; curly hair; black hair