Looking Into the Eyes of the Artist: A look Into Self Portraits


Looking Into the Eyes of the Artist: A look Into Self Portraits
Aisia Carrillo
Exit Requirement
Honors Thesis
Date of Award
15 June 2023
Honors Program Director
Gavin Keulks
Faculty Advisor
Gregory Poulin
My interest in this project is something I have had for most of my life. I have always been interested in art and creating things that are unique to me. Unlike before, my parents greatly encouraged this interest because I had shown extreme interest in it. I took my first art class in middle school, and that was where I got a good idea of what I liked besides saying that I liked "art" in general. I liked drawing, specifically with a pencil. From there, I took more classes in high school that helped grow my interest in drawing and the different styles of creating pictures and images. To narrow down my interest in portraits that would come later in my first year of college where I made my first self-portrait. It was not something I was particularly proud of. However, it has been something that has driven this need to practice this ability and eventually create a piece I am proud to say is mine. Today I am currently an art major. I have taken many drawing classes to continue to practice drawing and hone my artistic skill. This class was my inspiration for following the idea of portraiture. I have found an interest in creating the human form as I see it before me, and a readily
available model is one's self. As a person, I will constantly be changing as I get older, especially in my views of myself. By creating a self-portrait, I will have a piece that not only depicts me as I am today but will hold a piece of today's self to look back on in the future that will most likely not be able to be recreated.
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