Monmouth Book Club, verso


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Monmouth Book Club, verso
Back side of the Monmouth Book Club photograph with a handwritten list of names. Some names have corresponding letters written next to individuals on the image side. " Monmouth Book Club at home of Mrs. Sunday November, 1908. 1st row, right hand to left -Mrs. Paradyne Doughty, Mrs. Crowley, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Dalton, (a) Hazel Gard Robinson, Grandma Oswald, Mrs. Grounds, (b) Miss Maggie Butler, Pres. - a good friend to mom and to me, Mrs. Henry Butler, Johanny Stump, Mrs. Dish, 2nd row, left to right) Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Bogert, (c) Mrs. Cattron previous owner of the Cattron Street Property, Mrs. Wm Mulkey, (d) Mrs. Boche - when we rerutned to Monmouth for the winter when I was 15 - she taught me a lot about sewing. She was a professional dressmaker & I acted as her apprentice. Learned a lot of tricks I never forgot!, Mrs. Jay Butler, Mrs, Bockerdon, Mrs. Remmington, (e) Mrs. L. A. Robinson, Mrs. Hosners, (g) Mrs. Orville Butler - my mother's 'best friend' in Monmouth - I loved her too., Miss Smith, (f) Miss Cassie Stump - also a good friend - I knew her as my teacher too, 3rd row, right to left) Mrs. John Stump, Mrs Boothby, Miss Buckham, Mrs. Rigger, Miss Lewis.^^Scanned image using the Epson Expression 10000 XL as a tif image (600 dpi, pixel dimensions- width:3514 , height: 4113); then converted to jpg
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United States--Oregon--Polk County--Monmouth
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