Oregon State Normal School Teachers from 1895 Portrait Composite


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Oregon State Normal School Teachers from 1895 Portrait Composite
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United States--Oregon--Polk County--Monmouth
Composite of individual portraits of Oregon State Normal School Teachers from 1895, with their names listed under the images, fifty-two in all. Included are E. Helena Wolf, Angeline Watson, Ada K. Crowley, Elizabeth C. Hait, Mary Collins, C. Myrtle Bruthaupt, Mary A. Childers, Samuel J. Andrews, Phebe Thomson, Clara Pickle, Eva Aloda Nash, Julia H. McCulloch, Magie Agga Nash, Beryl B. Barnes, Elden M. Haley, Maude Bayles, J. Hadley Barker, Merriam Karrington, Lora T. Butler, C. N. Jengen, Mary C. Porter, William A. Smith, Julia A. Smith, Samuel J. Sleen, Swann Hogwell, K. K. Curtis, Aldert E. Pinder, Effie M. Freland, Sarah Ranjau, Alice M. Smith, Emmitt Staats, Daisy Juliet Clark, Carol K. Johnson, Harry E. Coleman, A. Estelle Eckersley, Luke L. Goodrich, Caroline C. Young, Mary B. Lacey, Irving E. Vining, Lura M. Prescott, Ella E. Emmett, Catherine Pooler, Lydie T. Marple, Ella E. Greene, D. Pearl Cornell, Leversie J, Keene, Marguirite L. Hill, Nora B. Green, Elizabeth Day, Bertha E. Shedd, Helena E. Barck. In the center is written "O.S.N.S., Class of '95". On the backside is handwritten "Phebe Thomson Bartholomew Class 1895 , Teachers of the Class of 1895, P.L. Campbell - Pres, J.W. Powell, J.L. Dunn Math, H.B. Buckhan Psycology [sic] and Methods, Sarah Tuthill English Lit. + Education, E.J. McCaustlan(?) Math + German, E.E. Balcomb Chem + Physics, H.A. Hann Eng. Math + Bookkeeping, Alice L. Priest History and Rhetoric, Edith Cassavant Critic Teacher - Model School, Anna A. Sickler Music and Drawing, J.B.V. Butler - Secretary."^^Scanned image using the Ebson Expression 10000 XL as a tif image (1200 dpi, pixel dimensions- width: 15057, height: 12228); then converted into jpg format
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