One Pound


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One Pound
Alfred P. Maurice
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Alfred P. Maurice,Natives/New Guinea,New Guinea,South Pacific,WWII
WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink sketches of two natives, with text written around the edges: "Both these natives had reddish hair, which I am told they acquire by means of a vegetable dye. Two natives who came through our area selling grass skirts and native knives. The one in the large sketch wore white bathing trunks and had a blue green bag on his back. In his hand he carries a knife, a sort of short javelin and three grass skirts for sale at one pound each (3.20). A brown band circled his arm above the elbow & there were a series of bands around his right leg below the knee. The lower native carried two bags. The one on his left was blue green the other one red. Again the bands around arm and leg. This one wore some tan GI under shorts. The arm & leg bands are made of snakeskin."
Maurice explained the natives also use peroxide for dying their hair. They stole it from the medical dispensary. Also a favorite to steal was red toothbrushes and plastic brushes. They would cut off the bristles, steam them to bend and use them for nose rings, earring, etc.
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Lae (Papua New Guinea)