Literature Circle Curriculum


Literature Circle Curriculum
Natalie Shreve
Degree Name
Master of Science in Education: Curriculum and Instruction
Project Type
Professional Project
In the current post-COVID19 high school English classroom, students are struggling with several things; there is a lack of engagement in reading, students struggle to collaborate and discuss with each other, and many have limited empathy and perspective for identities different than their own. Many educators are struggling with supporting students within these areas, and while there is limited research on the recent experience of teaching throughout a pandemic, teachers and students alike know that this is a tough time in education. As a high school English teacher myself, I hope to address this unique set of challenges through curriculum design and instructional choices; literature circles, which are centered on building students’ collaborative and communicative skills as well as bringing in diverse young adult text sets, can help students in these areas. My project includes a curriculum map for a literature circle unit within a high school English classroom, relevant Common Core State Standards, detailed lesson plans for a 40-day unit, linked materials and descriptions, and a list of novel suggestions. My hope is that my project will help teachers feel confident in implementing literature circles within their teaching, and that my materials and curriculum map and lessons can support teachers and students in a post-pandemic world.
Committee Member
Marie LeJeune
Joshua Schulze
Erika Fitzyounger
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