Introducing Lightweight aPaaS Mobile Applications: WeChat Mini Program Platform


Introducing Lightweight aPaaS Mobile Applications: WeChat Mini Program Platform
Lexin Ning
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<p>This project was submitted as part of the requirements for the Masters in Management and Information Systems program.)</p>
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<p>Nowadays, people dislike smartphone and computer applications because of their complex processes. A Platform as a Service (aPaaS) applications is showing its essential value. APaaS is a cloud-based service that offers a development environment for application services for various devices. For example, the famous online video game PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) requires a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that is better than any MacBook has, so Apple and NVIDIA came up with the idea to run the game in the cloud. NVIDIA provided all the hardware and Apple provided the interfaces the game required[1]. For smartphones, WeChat published the mini program platform to provide a second entrance to applications. This project will use mini programs to introduce aPaaS and analyze the differences between mini programs and native applications. Mini programs are similar to native applications but they do not need to be installed or deleted. Additionally, lower cost and more functionality bring more benefits to small businesses, and highly efficient development is a benefit for developers. Currently, mini programs cannot achieve all the functions of native applications or websites, so a market analysis must be completed before it is used. However, it is possible for the Mini Program platform to become an app supplier, and other app stores fear them occupying the market. All the steps for how to make and use mini programs to improve the business income will be shown.</p>
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David Olson, Scot Morse, Anna Mahony
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