Add-on Course Registration System


Add-on Course Registration System
Yilin Li
Degree Name
Master of Science in Management and Information Systems
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The current course registration system (Banner) has problems with tedious registration flow, insufficient registration information, and a lack of feedback. It costs Western Oregon University students, advisors, and registrar’s office too much unnecessary time, money, and labor. A well designed course registration system can help advisors and the registrar’s office reduce workload, and help students efficiently and accurately select and enroll in their courses.
Through the satisfaction survey of the course registration system at Western Oregon University, the interviews of the registrar and the chief information officer, and the experience of the Banner system, people realized that the students using the Banner system must move between multiple web pages to complete the registration process. And the requirement system (DegreeWorks) and the Banner are two separate systems, which does not allow the student to track their progress towards a chosen degree. Moreover, the Banner only provides limited information for students.
Western Oregon University needs a new Add-on Course Registration System, which helps students to choose appropriate courses, avoids time conflicts without switching between multiple screens, gets the information of meeting degree requirements, provides a “forecast” number of each course, and offers course recommendation ranking and reviews. After a design is completed, Western Oregon University has two options: the university will build the system, or they have a software company build the system and buy the new system from them.
Committee Member
David Olson, Scot Morse, Tommy Burrell
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