Applying Social Constructivism in a Middle School Social Studies Classroom


Applying Social Constructivism in a Middle School Social Studies Classroom
Jonathan Penrice
Degree Name
Master of Arts in Teaching (initial licensure)
Project Type
The purpose of this Action Research Project is to assess how I am applying what I have learned about educational theory and practice along with the goals I have as a teacher in the classroom. Specifically the project focuses on my use of social constructivism to guide instructional practice, the strategies I use to develop students skills in the discipline of social studies, and how I engage students in the distance learning setting.
This research project focuses on my process of revising a lesson I observed my mentor teacher deliver earlier in my student teaching. I collected data about my teaching practice from a reflection I wrote about the lesson prior to revisions, the revised lesson plans, and observation feedback from my mentor teacher. Using this data I was able to evaluate how my lesson planning and instruction aligned with the goals I had set for myself.
Through doing this Action Research project I have learned the importance of reflective practice. I was able to discover where my practice was not achieving the expectations I had set for myself including in the area of supporting students' construction knowledge. The insights gained from this experience can help me continue my development as a teacher.
Committee Member
Melanie Landon-Hays, Jason Bradley
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