Classroom Environment: The Essentials Of Teaching Physical Education


Classroom Environment: The Essentials Of Teaching Physical Education
Leah Jones
Degree Name
Master of Arts in Teaching (initial licensure)
Project Type
The purpose of this Action Research Project was to take a step back and thoroughly analyze data sets to see if my planning and teaching was reflective of a positive classroom environment. More specifically, I examined differentiation techniques, best practices in physical education and my teaching philosophy goals in relation to embracing diversity and student voice in order to create a positive classroom environment. Before collecting any data sets, I took a deep read through the research to see what the best practices in elementary physical education, what differentiation techniques should be used, how to incorporate those techniques and why specific best practices are successful. The next step was to gather data of my own teaching and planning. This was gathered from lesson plans as a student and full-time student teacher, observation notes from mentor teachers, EdTPA commentary forms and interview transcripts from teachers and administrators. Through analysis of each of these data sets, action research has demonstrated improvement in my planned differentiation techniques, my frequency and usage of best practices in physical education and the specific implementation of my teaching philosophy goals to all work together in creating a positive classroom environment with my students so that we are fostering an environment of growth and positivity. These results point to me as a continued learner and educator. While the results show a positive outcome, I know I am a lifelong learner and hope to continue this path of growth as I continue educating and learning alongside my students.
Committee Member
Ken Carano, Gay Timken
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