Development of an Open Education Resource for Pharmacology to Address Equity in Veterinary Medicine Instruction


Development of an Open Education Resource for Pharmacology to Address Equity in Veterinary Medicine Instruction
Carl E Ruby
Degree Name
Master of Science in Education: Curriculum and Instruction
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Open education resources (OERs), an alternative to expensive higher education textbooks, are a potentially valuable tool to both bring equity to the college classroom and enhance learning. To determine if an OER can be designed to optimize learning and provide equity to the student in a veterinary pharmacology classroom, an OER content outline and sample chapter were designed and developed. In addition to the cost saving benefit of the OER, it was determined that the addition of notable pharmacology role model profiles that “look like me” to the OER would be a viable means to improve the self-efficacy of women and underrepresented students and support retention in the field. Universities have recognized the need to reduce textbook costs and have put into place tools and programs to facilitate building OERs. Using software like PressBooks and other resources to aid in textbook design, a three part, eight chapter OER outline with chapter content description was produced, and a completed chapter, as an example of how the content and learning and equity elements would be integrated. The successful development of these two products was not difficult and with the proper instruction and support a completed OER to better convey the principles of pharmacology in a veterinary setting and bring equity to low income, women and underrepresented students could be produced. The products of this project will serve as the foundation to a completed and applicable OER, and at that time the true impact of the OER can be fully understood.
Committee Member
Joshua Schlulze, Marcus Wenzel, Jason Vlcek
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