Effective Teaching Strategies for an Up-and-Coming Science Teacher


Effective Teaching Strategies for an Up-and-Coming Science Teacher
Daniel Lampe
Degree Name
Master of Arts in Teaching (initial licensure)
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For a science teacher beginning their career in teaching, there are a multitude of what are considered to be good teaching practices they will need to know. It can be overwhelming for an individual to hone in on the best practices to focus on first. For this action research project, I combed through these practices and selected a few major themes that I believed to be effective teaching strategies for an up-and-coming science teacher.
I first started by addressing my own philosophy of teaching, and what I believe are the characteristics and actions of an effective teacher. From there I reviewed a plethora of literature regarding teaching and focused on three major themes: differentiation in the classroom, effective teaching practices, and effective teaching practices specific to a science teacher. I then conducted research and collected data on these three themes through my lesson plans, journal reflections, and feedback from my cooperating teacher and supervisor. I then concluded the project with my own analysis and reflection of the data, which showed just how invaluable these three major themes are for effective teaching for a new science teacher.
Committee Member
Melanie Landon-Hays, Brock Ferguson
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